Some of my favourite recipes

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Some great recipes for the colder months...

Hand Dived Scallops and Roasted Cobnut Salad with Maple Syrup Dressing

This is a great starter to cook for a dinner party, as every thing can be prepared in advance and then the scallops can be pan-fried at the last minute. If you are unable to get cobnuts then use some toasted hazelnuts instead.

Roasted Loin of Northamptonshire Venison with a Wild Mushroom & Truffle Pie

I was introduced to this fantastic venison from a farm in Northampton not so long ago and it really is excellent. If you do not want to use venison, then a roasted beef fillet would work just as well and with the large selection of wild mushrooms that are now available in the super markets, the pie should be relatively simple to make.

Warm Chocolate Doughnuts with a Damson Fool

Damsons are overlooked in this country, as people tend to opt for plums during the months of September and October when they are at their prime. The amazing vibrant colour and sharp taste works really well with the sweet, rich chocolate doughnuts.

Hot Turkey and Caramelised Onion Tart with Melting Stilton Cheese

This is a quick recipe to use up all your left over turkey over the festive season, but you can omit the turkey to keep it vegetarian or use other types of cheese i.e. Gruyere or Lancashire.

Quick Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Quick and easy provided you have a food processor!!

Adam’s Mulled Wine

Great as a hot toddy during Christmas, but the mulled wine is also ideal to poach fruits such as apples, pears or plums in.

Parsnip and Apple Soup

This is a hearty autumn soup when both these ingredients are at their best. Serve with warm crusty bread.

Spiced Poached Pears with Hot Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream

This dessert is fantastic for a dinner party as it can be prepared well in advance and the final results will definitely keep your guests wanting to come back for more!

Pan Fried Halibut with Smoked Bacon

I think of this as an autumn fish dish with the smoky bacon and wild mushroom flavours. Other flat fish like Turbot, Brill or Plaice would also work very well instead of the Halibut.

Treacle Tart

A classic British dessert that is best served at room temperature or just warm. I have served it with fresh orange segments to compliment the sweet rich taste of the tart.


Some great recipes for the warmer months...

Roast Squab Pigeon and Celeriac Salad

This was one of the first dishes I prepared and cooked when I was working for Bruno Loubet at the Four Seasons Hotel in Park Lane. I was a very young and inexperienced chef at that time but I thought this dish was fantastic. If you are unable to get squab pigeon use quail or wood pigeon instead.

Seared Salmon with an Apple and Radish Salad

A very simple and light recipe. During the summer months try to use wild salmon for a richer flavour.

Roast Tomato and Spring Onion Risotto with Seared Tuna

I cook this dish regularly at home as it is so satisfying to cook risotto and the end result is always worth the wait. This is also a great vegetarian  dish if you omit the tuna and stir in some washed rocket leaves just as you are about to serve .

Grilled Guinea Fowl Breast with Vine Ripened Tomatoes

The Guinea Fowl breasts could alternatively be cooked on the barbecue. Try to use British vine ripened tomatoes when they are at their best in during the months of June and July.

Smoked Bacon Hash with Fried Duck Egg

This is a great brunch dish, with the fried duck egg giving the hash extra richness. The smoked bacon hash can made well in advance and if you do not want to use bacon then it can be substituted with slow cooked duck or guinea fowl leg meat.

English Vegetable Minestrone with a Roasted Chump of Lune Valley Lamb

This season recipe was recently featured on the coverage of BBC 2 Hampton Court Flower Show programme,where Adam demonstrated how to cook the dish to presenter Joe Swift.

Quick Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Quick and easy provided you have a food processor!!

Organic Salmon with English Peas and Chorizo

Try to use fresh peas during the months of June and July when they are at their best, but frozen peas will also make a good substitute. If you were unable to use salmon, fresh trout would also work very well

Crispy Mackerel “BLT”

A fantastically different way of serving this very healthy, sustainable fish during the summer months when the English tomatoes and lettuce are at their peak.